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Valuable resources on Virtual Travel

Here a few of the best resources I have found about Virtual Travel.


Context Travel, March 11, 2021

Article on how Online Experiences can be used

Ideas for EOS


Arival Travel, October 12, 2020

Although outdated the blog highlights the sentiment perceived by the author prior to the Christmas period in 2020. It gives great insights into many efforts of true pioneers of the industry.



List your ONline Experience on the following pages

Get your Guide:



Atlas Obsura:



Go ask Local:



Food Experiences


City Tours




Yoga & Meditation



Kelsey Tonner:

Museum Hack:



We’ve seen many great virtual initiatives from operators large and small, from virtual tours and cooking classes to online school field trips, team building, and more. Despite all of the initial enthusiasm, virtual tours are not for every operator. 

Focus on experiences vs. tours. In an online format, remember your number one competitor is Netflix. You have to distinguish your virtual experience from something only you can do, and make it personal and interactive. 

Know your numbers. There are real, hard costs to producing high-quality online experiences, and there are limits to what you can charge. Take a close look at the financials before you dive in. 

Part of the marketing arsenal. Over the long term, virtual experiences could become a standard part of an operator’s marketing arsenal, giving travelers a chance to connect with a guide and get a feel for the experience before making the booking. Designing these experiences as lead-generation and marketing for in-person products is likely to pay off well past the pandemic.

The bottom line: If you can make a virtual experience that’s truly distinctive, if it helps keep you connected to your customers, if it helps support your guides or staff and helps market your business, consider exploring them.


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