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Virtual Tourism | Pricing | Introduction

Pricing can destroy your business or make it strive. This is the first of six lessons on pricing. Learn from Frank how to respond if only one person books an experience. Become more profitable by getting it right. Getting it wrong can cause instant poor reviews that damage your reputation and compromise your ranking.


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Lesson Preview

  • Destroy or make your business strive.
  • The first of six lessons on pricing.
  • How to respond if only one person books.
  • Become more profitable by getting it right. Getting it wrong will damage your reputation.


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In this lesson, we discuss one of the most important topics that challenge Online Experience hosts. What should you do when you receive only one booking for an open session? This will challenge you, especially at the beginning when your prices are low. How you handle the situation will define your success and set you apart from the crowd. Who is keen to get up at 5 am to deliver an Online Experience for a single guest that may only have paid a highly discounted rate?
This is important 

I mentioned earlier that within about a week prior to launching, we have an Easter Egg for you 🐣🐇
🎁 Our hidden lesson for putting you on the right foot for the launch. It will be a checkup to make sure that you refocus on what is important for those very first weeks of operating. Here again, we will discuss how to handle the single booking in more detail. This time with best-selling host David Merten from "Follow a Plague Doctor through Prague"

General advice for our customers

For quality Online Tourism Experiences we recommend aiming for NZ$26 or around Euro 15 per person for individual bookings. However, your first mission is to become a master at delivery and to get lots of reviews. So it may take you some time to reach this goal. 

Exclusive bookings are generally calculated at 10 times this price, covering up to 10 participants. Every additional guest is added with the per-person price to the total.



Frank Sakellaridis

Frank is one of the best-selling online travel hosts in the world. View his Online Experience here.   



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