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Media - Quoting or republishing our articles

We invite you to use, republish, summarize or quote information from articles posted on our blog "Virtual Tourism and Online Experiences". Please follow some simple guidelines. 

Conditions of use

Please respect the creators of the editorial we are making available. If you use, summaries or republish our content or parts of it or mention it you can do so under the following conditions.

  • Equip your creation with a small mention that links back to the original. Example: (view original article)
  • Send us a message to share where the information has been referenced. 

Staying up to date

For businesses that are interested in staying up to date, we offer a monthly newsletter with the latest news in all things Virtual Experiences. Register here to stay in the loop. 


Content that is excluded from sharing

Do not copy, relay or copy content that is part of our online lessons. This content is part of our copyright and cannot be used or replicated without prior consent. 



If you have any questions about our content and how it can be used please contact me here

Harald Bettin - Director

Harald Bettin at Fox Glacier


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