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Virtual Tourism | Maintaining a 5-Star Score - Part 1

Experiences rated higher than 4.97 receive special mentioning in (free) Airbnb ads. Hitting this jackpot can make your business fly. Consider engaging with guests that leave poor reviews. A power tool the best of the best take seriously. Every rating counts to consolidate your success. Best-selling hosts have specific strategies to stay on top. Learn their tips and tricks.

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  • Hosts rated 4.97+ Will be featured.
  • They receive special mentioning in ads.
  • This jackpot can make your business fly.
  • Engage with guests that review poor.
  • A power tool for the best of the best.
  • Every rating counts to consolidate success.
  • Learn the tips and tricks of the best.


Frank Sakellaridis

Frank is one of the best-selling online travel hosts in the world. View his Online Experience here.   




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